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Supply Chain Risk Management

Mark Frankcom, Adjunct Professor, Virginia Tech University, Center for Applied Health Sciences

Mark Frankcom is a private consultant specializing in Risk Management in the Life Sciences industries. He is a former Vice President of Environmental Health & Safety for Amgen, Inc., and was executive leader in developing Amgen's Risk Management Program, working on Single Points of Failure in the Supply Chain. He also developed an internal training program to qualify risk managers, in addition to the development of Enterprise Risk Management. Prior to that, he had a long career with Astra Zeneca. He lives in California with his family.

The area of Supplier management is under the firm scrutiny of regulators globally. Major failures in supply chain management in Life Sciences have resulted in deaths across the globe. Regulators have been criticized for their failure to keep up with this consequence of globalization. As a result regulation and inspection is tightening, with focus on company controls over suppliers. This webinar addresses the issues which make Supplier Management difficult in the Life Sciences industry and proposes some possible solutions.

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Learn how the application of sound risk management and the adoption of cross-industry best practices will help bring this area under control.

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